Privacy Policy Statement

As of the date: February 26, 2020

    • AIM OF POLICY. Cell Phone Number Info (“us,” “we,” or “Company”) is committed to protecting our site’s users personal information and right to privacy. This Privacy Policy will make you informed on the data we collect, the procedures of its usage, the ways to change it and what is done with the information through third party involvement.
    • NOTICE ON CHILDREN’S PRIVACY POLICY. Site is not designed to attract children under 13 and is not meant to be used by them in any case.
  3. Personal information provided by you. As a visitor, you are not required to provide us any personal information. However, in case of email inquiries, while contacting us we ask for the following information in order to get back to you:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • IP address


  1. Modifying or removing personal information. In case you would like to remove or change the personal information provided by you, you need to contact us via Contact link on the menu in the footer of the Site.
  2. Privacy Policy Modifications and Updates. In case we make any changes in our privacy policy, you will be notified by a posted notice on our site for 30 days.
  3. As of the date: These terms will be effective as of the date June 2, 2016.
  4. Do Not Track disclosure: According to law we should add a disclosure in Privacy Policy that informs users if we respond or don't to the "Do Not Track" browser setting. We do not do so.
  5. Third Party Cumulative Tracking: According to law we should add a disclosure on whether third parties that our website is using have an access to your personal information. Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter do not follow the DNT response as their services are used by us for internal tracking and social media purposes. Google is a part of NIA oup out program. In case you want to avoid online behavioral tracking done by various companies you can visit this and choose the companies you do not want you to track. You can also visit the privacy pages of Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter to see which way these companies are using your personal information. There are different programs that can help you prevent your browser from tracking , one them is Privacy Badger offered by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
  6. Eraser Law. Eraser Law is not applicable for our site as user generated content does not appear here.


  1. AUTOMATICALLY COLLECTED INFORMATION. While using our Website the server recognizes your IP addresses and automatically certain computer information is collected however this is considered as non-personal information and we do not collect any other personal information unless you reach to us for certain purposes. Your IP address allows us to track you actions on our Website: the time spent, pages visited, searched information. While searching something on our Website we track your IP to assure you are not extracting data from our Website. Some other anonymous information may be collected for providing better service and marketing.
  2. Cookie is a small piece of data stored on your computer and which is used to get information about your visit to our website. You can set your browser to disable the use of Cookies, however this can lead to incorrect functionality of some features of our Website. Programs such as can help prevent our browser from tracking.
  3. FINANCIAL INFORMATION. Our Website does not collect any financial data from you and while buying products on our Website you are redirected to third party sites. In case of any inquiries regarding your financial information you should contact them or review their documents and privacy policies.
  5. PERSONAL INFORMATION. We do our best to protect your personal information and not to disclose it. Sometimes it can be transferred to third party services which are used by us to run, maintain and analyze our Website. However this third party websites so not market to you.
  6. ANONYMOUS INFORMATION. We collect anonymous data on users of the Website for traffic analysis reports. Sometimes anonymous IP addresses may be used to find out problems with the Website to manage it and to adjust the content based on your preferences. Some traffic analysis reports may be shared with business partners as well in a collective form and in a manner that would not identify you personally.
  7. DISCLOSURE OF PERSONAL DATA. We may process your personal information on lawful basis in the following circumstances:
  • In case it is required by law or by legal processes of Company or its affiliates
  • If such action is necessary to protect the rights or property of Company and it’s users
  • As a result of unlawful activities to protect the public and Website users.
  1. SALE OF INFORMATION. In case we decide to sell our business we may need to transfer Personal Information to a new owner.


    • SITE SECURITY. In order to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, misuse and loss we provide several security measures, however we are not safe from any hacker penetration as they can sometimes even hack government security systems.
    • THIRD PARTY WEBSITES. The Website can sometimes redirect you to other websites, however we are not responsible for their terms and privacy polices. Please read carefully their privacy policies before providing some personal information.
    • We allow advertisers like Adsense and Sovrn use tracking information like IP address , viewed pages and devices information in order to display their ads and make site traffic analysis. Therefore, the above mentioned information may be used by them.
  3. CONTACT INFORMATION. In case of any inquiries on Privacy Policy or Site related issues, please contact us in the “Contact Us” section of our Website.